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Tree and wooden architecture

01. Characteristics of trees

●Trees store water and act as water resource. They spread their roots and help with land conservation.
●Trees resist deformation when exposed to heating for a short time in a fire. Large cross sections of wood form a char layer on the surface that extends the time until the member burns out.

02. Environment created by trees

●Trees release phytoncides that relieve tension, calm the mind, and help stave off fatigue.
●The scent of wood is believed to promote immune cell activity and improve our immunity.
●Used in residential spaces, wood provides an effective means of mite control.

03. Traceability for the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

●Used in buildings, wood releases oxygen and contains carbon, helping to mitigate global warming.
●Using wood of legal origin ensures appropriate management and sustainable use of forest resources, and helps protect the terrestrial ecosystem.
●Working with the forest, forestry, wood processing, and wooden architecture industries ensures we connect with the local community and stimulate the local economy.

Research and development

Wooden architecture is changing rapidly in recent years. We promote the use of wood particularly in medium- and high-rise buildings. As a wood engineering company experienced in every step from lumber manufacturing to wood construction, we offer proposals and conduct testing and R&D to explore ways to incorporate wood into the client's building design. We also develop new hybrid wood materials in-house toward promoting the use of wood in buildings that were conventionally difficult to make from wood.

CLT for Multi-story buildings

We conducted testing in a project commissioned by the Forestry Agency, and in May 2016 we received approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) for CLT flooring with two-hour fire resistance. This enabled us to use CLT in the flooring of both wooden and steel-frame medium- and large-scale nonresidential buildings that require fire-resistant construction.



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