About Us

Greeting from the President

Since our founding in 1948, we have engaged in lumber manufacturing as our main business while branching out to wooden architecture with a focus on local Sugi cedar. At present, we are working to expand the use of Japanese lumber, primarily Sugi cedar and Hinoki cypress, in three fields:
1) Lumber and other residential building materials
2) Small, medium, and large size glulam for nonresidential wooden architecture
3) CLT and SAMURAI* glulam for promoting the use of wood in conventionally non-wooden architecture
With wood garnering attention as a main building material today, we hope to continue enhancing our wood use, precut, and quality assurance capabilities, and working with honesty and sincerity toward re-establishing wood as the standard material in architecture. *Original Product, Timber-steel Hybrid Beams.
Hiromi Arima
President, Yamasa Mokuzai Co., Ltd.

Main Businesses

We offer products focused on Japanese lumber (Sugi cedar and Hinoki cypress), produced under stringent quality control in an integrated system covering lumber manufacturing, drying, glulam and CLT manufacturing, and finishing. Using these products as a base, we engage in structural design, precut, construction, for large-scale special wooden buildings.

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